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Colorado is 1 of only 7 states that allows abortion up until the moment of birth for any reason with no restrictions at all. Internationally, only 5 of the 198 countries permit elective abortion after 24 weeks, 3 of the 5 nations that permit late-term abortion are notorious human rights abusers.

Preborn babies as young as 21 weeks have been born and survived with excellent developmental outcomes. By 22 weeks, approximately a 5 1⁄2 month old baby, the mother can feel the baby “kick” and the baby can recognize and respond to her touch and voice. She can blink, open/close her mouth, stick out her tongue, suck her thumb, smile, and grimace. The baby also demonstrates the ability to learn in the uterus. After 22 weeks, the baby can acquire specific tastes for food and music, and retain those tastes for weeks or months after she’s born.

In late-term abortions at 22 weeks, the baby is usually dismembered while alive. After 24 weeks the babies are killed typically with a poison injected into the baby or the amniotic fluid that results in death over an agonizing period of minutes to up to 24 hours. In either form of late-term abortion, death is excruciating and cruel.  A 22-week preborn baby can feel pain during the abortion procedure -- likely more intensely than an infant or adult, and multiple studies back this up.

Late-term abortion is dangerous and it poses a substantial and medically documented immediate risk to the health and life of the woman. Abortion mortality increases 38% for each additional week of gestation. Women are more likely to die from late abortion (after 22 weeks) than from childbirth. Also, research/studies show that women suffer emotional trauma and psychological pain after having an abortion.

A 22-week preborn baby still in her mother’s womb is biologically indistinguishable from a baby born at 22 weeks. The latter is protected by state/federal law and the former can be arbitrarily killed. 

Join the 74% of compassionate Americans who know that late-term abortion is just too extreme. This November VOTE YES on Proposition 115 to End Late-Term Abortion in Colorado. 

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Why should Coloradans support a restriction on late term abortions – after 22 weeks?

The measure will protect a viable human being. At 22 weeks gestation a baby can survive outside the mother’s womb when they are born prematurely. At some hospitals, 70% of babies born at 22 weeks will survive. Even babies born at 21 weeks can survive with good developmental outcomes.

At 22 weeks, the mother can feel her baby “kick”. At this stage babies can react to their mother’s voice and touch, they can blink, open/close their mouth, stick out their tongue, smile and grimace, and they can suck their thumbs. Late term babies in the womb can learn to recognize musical pieces and acquire tastes for food.

A 22-week pre-born baby is biologically indistinguishable from a baby born at 22 weeks gestation. Just like a newborn, these babies can feel pain. In fact, their pain sensitivity may even be higher than that of an older infant.

In late term abortions at 22 weeks, the baby is usually dismembered while alive. After 24 weeks, the babies are killed before they are delivered. Typically, a poison is injected into the baby or the amniotic fluid that results in death over an agonizing period of minutes to up to 24 hours. In either form of late term abortion, death is excruciating and cruel.

Does the Initiative take away women’s choice to an abortion?

No. This measure places a reasonable restriction on abortion after the baby can live outside the mother’s womb, while still allowing a pregnant woman several months to make a choice about her pregnancy.

Women who would choose abortion for reasons of rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities need not be affected by a 22-week prohibition. Prenatal screening for genetic and structural fetal abnormalities are typically completed well before 22 weeks. 
This is a balanced approach with reasonable exceptions to a very personal issue.

Does your initiative provide for any exceptions?

Yes, there is an exception to save the life of the mother.  In a medical emergency, a C-section is far safer than an abortion. In fact, performing a late term abortion, which requires time for dilation, would be medical malpractice during a medical emergency. While there is no exception for rape, incest or fetal abnormalities, women who seek abortion will have approximately 5 ½ months to choose abortion before the restriction applies. 

Does your initiative penalize the mother?

This measure does not criminalize or penalize women in any way. With the Initiative, the goal is to protect women and their babies, give them better options and help them in their difficult circumstances. This initiative also does not criminalize a pharmacist who unwittingly fills a prescription for an abortion beyond 22 weeks. 

Don’t the majority of people agree that abortion should be legal?

According to a recent Gallop poll, 74% of Americans believe that there should be limitations on late term abortion. Even most supporters of abortion believe that late term abortion is not necessary or ethical. A majority of Americans feel abortion should be illegal after the first trimester. Only 18% of Democrats, 13% of Independents, and 6% of Republicans support the legality of third trimester abortion. Most Americans want commonsense limits. That’s what this initiative would do.

Is it true that almost all late term abortions are performed because of medical emergencies or fatal fetal abnormalities?

No, this is a narrative fabricated by abortion rights extremists without any data in order to manipulate public opinion. If a mother has a medical emergency after 22 weeks, delivery of the baby is far safer than an abortion. A delivery can be performed in 30 minutes and an abortion after 22 weeks can take 2-4 days to complete. Abortion in these circumstances would be considered medical malpractice.

Colorado’s most notorious late-term abortion clinic admitted that they perform 70% of their procedures on normal babies. In the remaining 30%, many are performed on babies with readily treatable medical conditions and others are performed on babies that can live full lives despite disability including those with Down Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, and Klinefelter syndrome.

Aren’t abortions after 22 weeks extreme?

Colorado is 1 of only 7 states that allows abortion up until the moment of birth for any reason with no restrictions at all. Just 7 of the 50 States in the U.S. permit abortion after 25 weeks. The vast majority of states restrict abortion at 22 weeks, or at viability (which is the same period of time). Internationally, only 5 of the 198 countries permit elective abortion after 24 weeks, 3 of the 5 nations that permit late abortion are notorious human rights abusers.

Aren’t abortions after 22 weeks rare?

No, each year hundreds of these abortions are performed in our state, usually on healthy babies. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported 289 abortions after 22 weeks in 2018. Because abortion reporting in Colorado is voluntary and anonymous, the official figures are unreliable. There is evidence that one of the main late term abortion providers in Boulder does not even report their procedures which would add approximately 175 abortions to the official tally each year. 

Is this a Partisan campaign?

No, the Coalition for Women and Children, the group behind Proposition 115, consists of a group of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. According to polling, most Democrats, Republicans, and Independents oppose late term abortion. During the process to put the initiative on the ballot, thousands of Democrats, Unaffiliated voters and Republicans signed the petition. Limiting late-term abortion is policy that unites members of all parties.

Aren’t some late term abortions more merciful than the birth of a child with a fatal fetal abnormality?

Delivery and loss of a baby due to severe fetal anomalies is tragic and painful for mom, dad, and other loved ones. Perinatal hospice offers a compassionate, loving, and life-affirming alternative to late-term abortion for pre-born babies with life-limiting genetic or congenital abnormalities. Perinatal hospice care, which is available in Colorado, can help prepare parents for the loss of a baby. Perinatal hospice involves a multidisciplinary team that includes obstetricians, perinatologists, labor & delivery nurses, neonatologists, clergy, social workers, midwives and hospice professionals. Together, they accompany the family through the pregnancy and birth allowing them to fully embrace and celebrate the abbreviated life of their baby. The baby receives symptom management to ensure a natural and comfortable passing. The family is afforded precious time to hold, feed, bathe, and love their baby. Perinatal hospice provides ongoing bereavement services for a year or more. None of these services are typically provided by a late-term abortion provider – families are left on their own to navigate the emotionally wrenching reality of their babies illness and death – in which they are complicit.

Moreover, sometimes doctors are incorrect in their diagnosis and babies who were deemed terminal survive.

What would be the penalties for performing an abortion after 22 weeks gestational age?

Any person who intentionally or recklessly performs or attempts to perform a late abortion after 22 weeks gestation would be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $500 to $5,000, but not jail time. The measure specifies that the woman is not penalized for having an abortion or for receiving one. In addition, the measure classifies performing a late abortion after 22 weeks gestation as unprofessional conduct for a licensed physician. The Colorado Medical Board must suspend the professional license of a physician for at least three years who is found to have violated the law. There would be no penalty for a person who fills a prescription or provides equipment used in an abortion.

What do you estimate the total cost to pass the initiative to be?

Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars performing abortions. We anticipate that they will fight this initiative with all of their financial might. We need your support. Please go to to make a donation by credit card or you can mail a check written out to Coalition for Women and Children PO Box 371414, Denver, CO 80237. 

Why does your initiative not seek to end all abortions?

Colorado voters have indicated that they will not pass such an initiative, our effort is to bring a measure to the ballot which the voters support. A majority of voters oppose late term abortion including many who self-identify as “prochoice”. We have an opportunity to help many babies and their mothers.

How can a person become involved in the campaign?

Sign up below to become a volunteer! Talk to family and friends and share the facts about late term abortion in Colorado.  Contribute to the campaign.



YES on Proposition 115 to end late-term abortion

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We are grateful to all the men and women in Colorado who work tirelessly to provide loving and compassionate alternatives to abortion to help women in crisis and save babies’ lives.

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Nightlight Christian Adoptions

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424 Main Street
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Email: [email protected]
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A Safe Haven for Women and Children to Rewrite Their Dreams. Regardless of circumstance, every woman deserves the same chance to pursue her dreams and have a hope-filled, abundant life. We provide hope and healing in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. Located in Colorado Springs, CO.

(719) 247-2007 (General)
(719) 388-1594 (Women’s Clinic)
(719) 301-5411 (Mary’s Home)

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Care Net

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Pregnancy counseling services at LFS are designed to help women, their partners and families make careful decisions for the future of her child when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. We provide non-biased options counseling and support free of charge throughout Colorado. LFS is also a licensed adoption agency, so we can guide women and their partners through making an adoption plan, if this is the option they choose. Located in Greeley, Colorado. Email: [email protected]
Phone: 970-356-6751

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The Alternatives Pregnancy Center

Monday and Wednesday – Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tuesday 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Proporcionamos Servicios en Español (Wednesday)Serving Aurora, Commerce City, Lowry, Stapleton Green Valley, Montbello, East Denver, Foxfield, Parker and Sterling.

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Canon City Pregnancy Center

The Canon City Pregnancy Center (CCPC) exists to provide pregnancy & family services for Fremont County and the surrounding areas. We are here to support each individual with their emotional, physical, material and spiritual needs. We service individuals and families who are in need of our services.
508 Greenwood Avenue
Canon City, CO 81212

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Long-term help toward self-sufficiency in a residential setting for single mothers and their children.
2544 Champa Street
Denver, CO 80205

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Alpha Center- Fort Collins 

Alpha Center is a Christian Medical Clinic that serves our community by providing free service and education related to sexual health. 
1212 S. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Arkansas Val Pregnancy Center

The Arkansas Valley pregnancy Center was established in 1995 to provide assistance for women with unplanned pregnancies with care and compassion. AVPC has grown over the years to include medical services.
118 West 4th Street
La Junta, CO 81050

732 Ash
Las Animas, CO 81054

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