Why Abortion Should Be Legalized

Nowadays, there're many ongoing debates. One that's divided people around the globe is whether abortion should be legal. Carrying a baby is a challenge in itself. Terminating a pregnancy and not giving birth to a child isn't an easy decision, but it is certainly one that an expectant woman should make. It is one of the primary individual rights of every woman. It shouldn't be endangered under any circumstances. There are many arguments in favor of the fact that abortions should be allowed. Here, in this argumentative essay, we'll dive into the reasons why legalizing abortion is a good idea.


What is abortion?

Abortion is a medical procedure that leads to the termination of pregnancy. This procedure represents one of the primary health needs of pregnant girls and women who, for some reason, that may vary from person to another, do not want to give birth to a child. It is common for the procedure to be performed in the first 22 weeks of pregnancy.

Key Facts On Abortion Legalization

In recent times, the question should abortion be permitted is among the most debated ones. Many believe that having a child is always the best option and that abortion is murder. Nevertheless, millions of people decide to have an abortion every year. Also, one out of four pregnancies ends in abortion, which suggests that the need for this procedure is frequent.

Abortion is one of the safest procedures

Contrary to beliefs some have, abortion is a safe procedure. This is supported by the fact that the death rate for this procedure is significantly lower than the mortality rate for plastic surgeries or childbirths. Regardless of whether the laws allow abortion, millions decide to terminate their pregnancies every year. One in four pregnancies ends with this procedure. It is necessary to know that when the procedure is permitted, it is performed by trained and experienced doctors. Under such conditions, the procedure is safe, and there are almost no risks. If not granted by governments, women turn to other options, often resulting in less safe procedures, especially when women cannot afford private care or travel to another country.

Abortion prevention makes them less safe

In many countries, the procedure is forbidden by the government. But, girls and women will still need it. What they'll do? They'll seek a solution outside the system. The procedure is then carried out in environmental conditions that don't meet even the minimum standards or by someone who lacks skills, experience, and knowledge. Thus, a simple and safe practice can quickly become completely different when carried out by persons lacking the necessary knowledge and skills. Should abortion be permitted? This clearly points out that it should. Females will use their right either way. They should remain safe.

Issues from unsafe abortion can be prevented

In countries where abortion is prohibited, injuries and even deaths occur precisely for the reasons we have already mentioned. Some regions have exceptions for cases such as rape or incest, for example. In other situations, females will look for a solution in different places and risk their lives. Allowing abortion means allowing safe procedures that will not endanger anyone's life and lead to any problems.

Safe abortion is a human right

No one should ignore the obvious fact. Abortion is a human right. If we take a closer look at international human rights, we will see that no one in the world should be denied the right to life and health. Also, no one can't be discriminated, tortured or exposed to the violence of any kind Clearly, if you force someone to give birth to a child and continue an unwanted pregnancy, you deny them a human right to bodily autonomy. Moreover, you deny that person the right to privacy. Every person on this planet should be free to make their own decisions, especially regarding reproduction. Everyone should decide for themselves if and when they want to have a baby and become parents.

The reasons for abortion are different and should be respected

Everyone should make resolutions and calls about their body. Someone chooses abortion because they don't have the conditions to raise a kid. Someone does not want to be a parent or is unprepared for that step. Pregnancies resulting from incest or rape should also be taken into account. The point is - whatever the reason for the abortion, it should be respected.


In recent times, the theme that's been widely and broadly discussed is should abortion be perrmited. Many will say abortion is murder and should be illegal. In many countries is illegal. However, many ignore the obvious facts. The most important thing is that procedure is safe when carried out in proper surroundings and by a trainded doctor. By preventing it, females will turn to riskier solutions that can have fatal results. On the other hand, when law allows abortion, it remains safe as it's carried out by a trained and experienced doctor. Another thing that should't be ignrored is rights-related. Every human has the right to life, bodily autonomy, privacy, and more. With abortion prohibiton, all those are violated. Everyone should have their reasons for abortion, and others should respect that. The procedure should not be criminalized. It should be permitted. Hopefully, countries will make abortion legal.