April 2 Press Release



(Denver, Colorado April 2, 2020) - A Denver District Court judge on Thursday granted an emergency stay that will allow Due Date Too Late to resume gathering petition signatures for Initiative 120 after the state of Colorado lifts its statewide emergency stay-at-home order due to COVID-19. That statewide order currently runs through April 11 and could be extended by Gov. Jared Polis. Meanwhile, the Colorado Secretary of State has until Friday, April 3, to report back on a line-by-line count of Initiative 120 petition signatures, following the submission of 137,624 signatures on March 4.

If the hand-count shows that the petition meets or exceeds 124,632 valid signatures, Initiative 120 would be approved for the Nov. 3 ballot. If the hand-count determines a number less than that, then Due Date Too Late would have a 15-day cure period to gather the number of signatures needed to meet the standard and make the ballot.

The stay approved by Judge Martin Egelhoff is significant since it gives Due Date Too Late and its volunteers a fair opportunity to collect more signatures in public, which would be impossible during a potential cure period amid a statewide stay-at-home order.

Initiative 120 is the proposed ballot initiative that would prohibit abortion in Colorado after 22 weeks, with an exception for the life of the mother. The initiative has broad-based, bipartisan support. From a Due Date Too Late sample of 40,000 verified signatures of registered voters, there were 12.5% Democrat; 26.3% unaffiliated; and 61.2% Republican signers.

Krista Kafer